Is it just me, or do our Ohio summers keep getting hotter and hotter? It’s bad enough to have an air conditioning unit that isn’t functioning well, but what do you do if it goes out? Well, the first thing you shouldn’t do is panic. Middletown Heating & Cooling will gladly assist you if your A/C abruptly stops working. You must know the dos and don’ts in this situation, so please read on as we cover what to do if your A/C goes out this summer.  

What Measures Should I Take When My Power Goes Out? 

If you lose your power amidst Ohio’s summer heat, it will benefit you to know how to keep well and cool while waiting for a restoration of power.  

  • Darken your home by closing all the curtains or blinds.  
  • Leave windows closed as long as possible. Depending on how long your electricity is out, you may have to open them eventually. However, keep the drier air inside your home as long as possible. 
  • Rinse a towel or sheet in cold water and place it over yourself while you sleep. A cold washcloth is my go-to for a quick cool down.  
  • Wear cotton. Change into the thinnest, loosest cotton clothes you have. 
  • Stay away from everyone. Body heat will not benefit you in attempting to keep cool, so keep your distance. 
  • Stay hydrated with WATER! When you’re hot, you lose a lot of hydration through sweat, and you’ll need to replenish it. 
  • Believe it or not, sleeping on the floor, while not exactly comfortable, is cool to the touch and doesn’t hold onto heat the way your mattress will. Further, heat rises; thus, the closer to the floor you are, the cooler you’ll be. 
  • Kick off your socks and shoes. 
  • Eat cold foods. I mean, they’re melting in your freezer anyway, so you might as well indulge.  
  • If the outage lasts long enough, you will eventually need to open your windows. However, keep them shut as long as possible because the sun will warm your home much faster than the breeze will cool it. 
  • If all else fails, you can go swimming or find somewhere with power to cool off better.  

What Measures Should I Take If My A/C Stops Working? 

If your A/C stops working, there are some things you can do before calling the professionals: 

  • Check to make sure your thermostat isn’t set to heat or that the temperature isn’t set too high.  
  • Clean or replace your filter as needed. A dirty filter can raise your utility bill and prohibit your A/C from functioning correctly. 
  • Check your vents for dirt, debris, and blockages preventing proper airflow.  
  • Lastly, check your electrical panel for a tripped breaker.  

If none of these steps get your air conditioner to function for its intended purpose, then it’s time to call the experts. Middletown Heating & Cooling can examine your unit and repair any malfunctions in your A/C exhibits more quickly and safely than an untrained person. So, call today at (513) 268-3789, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! Let us help you navigate and find comfort throughout the hot Ohio weather still to come.