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Superior Air Conditioner & Cooling System Services in Middletown, OH

If you’ve lost your cool air during the hot months, or suspect it might be compromised or need replaced, your home cooling crew at Middletown Heating & Cooling is standing by, always available to help when that extra hot, sticky summer weather is upon us. We care about your comfort and indoor air systems in a way that brings a personal touch to the HVAC industry. We have a wide selection of air conditioning products, equipment and services for Middletown area residents every day during the summer with extended hours that work with everyone’s schedule. We are the AC repair team in your area and our home cooling techs offer AC repairs, A/C installation, preventative maintenance, A/C tune-ups, and more. We service customers all across Southwest Ohio and encourage you to call us today if you have any sort of AC question or A/C problem that needs an expert’s opinion.

Why Choose Us For Cooling Services in Middletown, OH?

Our technicians are friendly and fully equipped to handle anything related to an air conditioner or heat pump. They are all NATE-certified employees who work for our company and carry full insurance. If you’re having air condition issues, we can perform low cost A/C diagnostics on your home central air or home cooling equipment without any strings attached. We can perform air conditioner unit repairs quickly on the spot at low cost and our company provides free AC system estimates for residential installations and air conditioning unit replacements.

Count on Us for Quality Residential A/C Services

Because Ohio weather can quickly become too much to bear — too humid and hot and utterly roasting when the summer months are in full swing, the last thing a Middletown, OH homeowners needs to deal with is an inadequate air conditioning system or home cooling equipment that doesn’t quite cut it. We need our A/C units running smoothly during the summer for essential relaxation! No one should have to struggle through the dog days of summer without some comfort machine, some cool air and relief in a place they can rest and regroup when the temperatures outside are soaring and too high.

Best of all, you won’t find anyone who can beat our Best Price Guarantee on all the industry’s top name brand AC units, air conditioning equipment for homeowners. Because your equipment doesn’t only work from 9 to 5, neither do we. We offer emergency A/C repair in Cincinnati, OH! That’s AC service 24/7, 365. 

Cooling Services in Middletown, OH

Residential Air Conditioner Repair Services in Middletown, OH

You’ll never spend a night sweating an A/C breakdown when you choose Middletown Heating & Cooling. You can count on us to deliver. You can count on us to do HVAC, right. We take pride in our work and never leave a stone unturned or cut a corner. Trust us with your air conditioner!

We have expertise in repairing the following air conditioner issues:

  • Thermostat problems
  • Power loss
  • Blowing warm air
  • Broken reversing valve
  • Broken starter capacitor
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • and more

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Residential Air Conditioner Maintenance Services in Middletown, OH

For your interest and savings, your local AC experts at Middletown Heating & Cooling encourage you to take the necessary steps to prevent these problems in the first place by having AC maintenance performed as part of ac seasonal maintenance. This includes air conditioning tune-ups, AC components servicing, AC cleanings and home cooling equipment safety checks. Preventive maintenance on an air conditioner goes a long way in protecting your parts, compressors, condensers, AC fans and components. We check and recharge refrigerant levels.

Residential Air Conditioner Installation in Middletown, OH

Middletown Heating & Cooling makes the AC installation process as easy as a breeze. We are a reputable name in the HVAC industry in the Greater Cincinnati area. We will ensure your new air conditioning equipment is installed correctly, precisely, and guarantee it runs strong for years to come.

For an Instant Online Estimate, you’ll need to know:

  • Your home’s square footage
  • What year the home was built
  • Indoor unit location

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4 Home Cooling Efficiency Tips

  • Designate a Realistic Temperature

    Keeping your HVAC unit’s thermostat at 78 degrees is thought to be the most efficient temperature for a residential AC system during the summer months when it’s hot outside. When you lower your thermostat to 72 degrees, it can spike your home’s cooling costs by as much as 50% with just those few degrees.

    Also, when it gets hotter than normal, avoid setting the temp for your air conditioner at a level that is lower than necessary to try to rush the cooling process. While many people think this makes the system speed up and cool things faster, it doesn’t. This is a common misconception. We emphasize always, doing this isn’t a good practice and It does not cool your home any quicker than setting it where it needs to be.

  • Check and Replace Air Filters Regularly

    It’s essential to remember during the summer your air conditioner’s air filters trap dirt and dust in a hurry. This hinders airflow. In a perfect world, you should check your AC unit’s air filters every month during the summer and change it as often as necessary. Keeping air filters clean can lower energy usage by 5 to 15%. Airflow is essential with any home comfort equipment that circulates air. Remember that.

  • Restrict Sunlight From Coming in Directly

    Although natural sunlight is excellent for natural lighting during the summer, the sun’s hot rays can also elevate the temperature in your home, warming things up when you’re trying to cool off. To prevent outdoor sunlight from warming things up, we suggest closing blinds and drapes or investing in blackout curtains to keep exterior heat from coming in.

  • Limit Usage of Heat-Generating Appliances

    Keeping heat-producing appliances, such as televisions and lamps, a clear distance from your home’s thermostat is important. The heat they generate can influence your thermostat’s reading and prompt your air conditioner to work harder to cool the room when it’s already cool, using up more energy and cooling beyond what’s necessary.

    Also, keep in mind that cooking, baking, and other heat-generating appliances tend to raise the temperature in your home while you’re trying to cool it. This forces your AC unit to work harder than necessary. Minimizing the use of these products and appliances along with other heat-producing elements during the peak hours of heat during the day is essential.

HVAC Financing Options in Middletown, OH

Convenient HVAC Financing Options in Middletown, OH

Are you a Middletown, OH homeowner looking to upgrade a residential HVAC unit and need financial assistance, or need help paying for major repairs? Buy today, and pay over time with our financing offer! We believe you shouldn't have to break the bank on unexpected heating and cooling repairs or installations. Learn more about our financing offer and apply today!

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