Christmas in Ohio is such a magical time! With snowflakes falling outside and cozy holiday gatherings inside, it’s truly an enchanting time of the year. Holiday shopping, baking, parties with friends, family gatherings, decorating – there’s so much to enjoy. But amidst the festivities of the holiday season, it’s important not to forget about keeping your HVAC system safe and unobstructed. There are a lot of seasonal decorations and objects that take up space in our homes this time of year. And it’s essential to make sure nothing gets in the way of your HVAC system functioning at its utmost capacity. With Middletown Heating & Cooling’s help, you can celebrate with confidence, knowing your home is comfortable and safe. 

1. Your Heat Sources

When you’re decorating your home for Christmas, it’s important to keep in mind the potential flammability of certain items. So, be sure to take some extra precautions to make sure that paper decorations, wrapped packages, blankets, and other flammable objects are kept a safe distance away from heat sources like fireplaces, candles, or space heaters. While these elements definitely add to the festive vibe, it’s crucial to prevent them from turning into fire hazards. And if you are using heating elements, make sure to properly extinguish them before you leave the house or hit the sack.  

2. Your Thermostat 

When you’re decking out your home with festive decorations, remember to be mindful of where you put them. Avoid covering or blocking your thermostat, as it can mess with temperature readings and make it harder for your furnace to do its job. Having stuff around or in front of the thermostat can mess with the thermostat properly reading the temperature in your home, so make sure to keep that area clear. Nothing should be placed on top of, in front of, or around the thermostat. 

3. Your HVAC Vents 

Next, bulky items (like Christmas trees, for example) shouldn’t block HVAC vents. Even though these things are only temporary, if they’re not positioned properly, they can block vents and cause reduced airflow and potential HVAC problems. So, it’s equally important to keep your HVAC vents in mind when decorating and that they remain clear to make sure your heating works efficiently during the holiday season. 

4. Your Condenser 

During the winter, even though your condenser (outdoor unit) isn’t in use and it is built to withstand the weather, it’s still important to keep an eye on it. It’s a good idea to regularly check the area surrounding your condenser for any loose debris like leaves, twigs, or stray outdoor items. This is because snow and ice combined with loose debris or random objects might cause damage to the unit. So, performing periodic checks this winter is highly recommended. If you’d like a little extra assurance, you can also use a condenser cover for added protection against the elements.  

We want you to have a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones this year without the unnecessary stress of rather preventable HVAC issues. However, on the off chance you happen to experience any HVAC issues this winter; don’t worry! Middletown Heating & Cooling is here to offer expert assistance and support. We provide emergency services ’round the clock, 365 days a year, ensuring that we are always available to assist you. 

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