Superior Heat Pump Repair Services in Middletown, OH

Heat pumps are HVAC systems used to cool and are also sometimes used to warm a home by transferring thermal energy from cooler spaces to warmer spaces and vice versa. Heat pumps use refrigerants, or a refrigeration cycle, which can be reversed. These HVAC units are known for being environmentally friendly. They are also energy-efficient systems that look similar to a central AC unit and sit outside the home; they are growing in popularity as they can be used in the summer and winter.

If you’re looking to find a heat pump repair technician that’s fast, friendly, professional, and affordable, you’ve landed on the right page! If you own a heat pump in the Greater Cincinnati area and you need a fast and reputable heat pump repair technician that’s local and affordable, call Middletown Heating & Cooling today! Our heat pump specialists are all NATE-certified employees of our company who are fully insured. We are customer-service-driven and aim for the highest quality service and products while always looking to help you make every dollar count.

Why Choose Us for Heat Pump Repair Services in Middletown, OH?

In addition to being trained to install heat pumps, our certified heating and cooling technicians are trained to repair the complex heat pump systems of today. If you are noticing something isn’t right with the way your heat pump is performing, then give us a call to schedule an appointment for one of our trained technicians to come and check your heat pumps operation. A trusted name in the HVAC industry here in the Greater Cincinnati area, we care about your home comfort and air quality and we offer emergency heat pump repairs throughout the Middletown region and surrounding areas 365 days a year, with extended customer-focused support hours.

Schedule a Diagnostic Service Call Today!

Whenever a homeowner faces problems with an HVAC system and requires guidance to professionally pinpoint the cause and learn options to repair it. If you’re having an issue with home heating or cooling equipment, call Middletown Heating & Cooling today! We can dispatch a NATE-certified technician that same day. Using the latest HVAC diagnostic equipment, our trained technicians thoroughly check your comfort equipment and perform expert diagnostics to find the root cause of the problem. After they’ve identified the problem, they’ll present you with several options for resolving it to move forward. From there, you are in no way obligated to have us repair the problem. There’s never any sales pressure or hidden fees.

We Repair All Types of Heat Pump Systems in Middletown, OH!

We pride ourselves on offering our customers a Five Star Experience. As experts in our field, we are the first to admit that there is no such thing as a problem-free HVAC system. At some point, even the most reliable heat pump on the market is going to require heat pump repairs. When your system is not working properly, even if it is still up and running, let us know right away. Along with providing Middletown, OH residents with fast heat pump repair services, we can also help you with any furnace repair that you may need.

Superior Heat Pump Repair in Middletown, OH

We have extensive knowledge in repairing all types of heating problems, including:

  • Lack of air
  • Malfunctioning thermostats
  • Odd smells
  • Noisy unit
  • Reversing valves
  • Bad capacitor
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Frozen unit
  • Dirty filters
  • and more!

4 Common Heat Pump Problems

In order to keep your system operating smoothly, it’s vital to watch for some common heat pump problems these types of HVAC units can experience. 

  • Temperature Issues

    Perhaps the number one heat pump complaint comes from the unit simply not powering on. This gets tricky because there can be various reasons your heat pump may not be coming on. For example, it could be something as simple as your home’s thermostat not being set correctly or not being properly calibrated for the temperature in your home.

  • Short or Long-Cycling

    Your outdoor unit may be overheating. Check your air filters and thermostat. It is possible your thermostat isn’t properly calibrated or has been placed too close or far from a heat source. An overheating unit could require a replacement, however, a simple thermostat fix can be taken care of quite simply. Call Middletown Heating & Cooling for help!

  • Bad Capacitor

    If the repair is something more serious like a bad starter capacitor, you’ll need an experienced HVAC professional’s help to fix it. You can generally tell if it’s the capacitor by listening to the heat pump itself. Typically, if you hear a faint clicking when it should be running, that’s the capacitor not getting proper electrical charge to the motor.

  • Thermostat Is Faulty

    Check your thermostat after ruling out other common culprits with the heat pump system itself, like the air filter and such. Problems with an HVAC system’s thermostat can result in wild temperature swings, a furnace that produces no heat, or the unit cycling on and off too often. First, make sure your thermostat has power and that there is no dust or debris in its components. If that doesn’t help, give us a call. Consider a thermostat upgrade.

Heat Pump Repair FAQ

Can I repair my own Heat Pump?

You should not attempt to repair your own heat pump. Severe shock or electrocution is possible without a total understanding of electricity. In addition, they usually require expert attention in order to comply with federal regulations, such as the Clean Air Act, which prohibits releasing refrigerants into the atmosphere. An EPA-certified air conditioning contractor or service technician should be called at the first sign of trouble. In this case, call us!

What is the average life-span of a Heat Pump?

It can vary, depending on how much the system is used and how often it’s serviced. Generally, the average lifespan is about 15 years, but individual units may vary and last much longer depending on use and how well they are maintained. Newer units are expected to last even longer.

How Do I know when it's time to replace my Heat Pump?

When the system starts having more problems than seem cost-effective to fix. If the unit is approaching 10 years in age and major components such as the compressor, reversing valve, accumulator, or outdoor coil go bad, it might makes sense to replace instead of fix. Replacing a compressor, for example, is somewhat less costly than replacing the entire unit. Still, new units may give you greater efficiency, lower operating costs, and a brand new warranty on the whole unit, not just the part to be replaced. When faced with major repairs, we can help you make the right choice.

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