Ultraviolet devices extend various benefits when added to your household heating and cooling system. UV lights are an excellent source of protection for indoor air quality (IAQ) from harmful bacteria. The quality of air within your home is essential for the health and comfort of you and your loved ones. As we spend time indoors, seeking respite from the summer heat, we must pay attention to the air quality we breathe. UV lights utilized to improve IAQ will result in cleaner, healthier and fresher-smelling indoor air. So read on for some more valuable information from our crew at Middletown Heating & Cooling!

What Are UV Lights?

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a conventional means of disinfection. In-duct UVGI is a primary application of UVGI air disinfection. Formulated to disinfect air as it moves through the HVAC system, in-duct UVGI irradiates across the entirety of a duct at high intensities and disinfects surfaces inside HVAC systems, such as cooling coils and drip pans. It is important to note that UVGI fixtures produce UV-C energy, which has shorter wavelengths than more piercing UV-A and UV-B rays, posing less risk to human health. Disinfecting these surfaces may even reduce the maintenance requirements for your HVAC system and building-related illnesses, further preventing the spread of certain infectious diseases.

How Are UV Lights Installed?

A strategically positioned UV light destroys nearly one hundred percent of harmful pollutants such as germs, viruses, mold spores, bacteria, and fungi. Having one of our esteemed technicians install UV lights in your air handler is a cost-effective technique to clean your home’s air as it passes through the system. In addition to the air handler, UV lights may be installed in the air return or strategically placed throughout your ductwork. When placed around reflective surfaces, UV lights work best alongside high-efficiency filters. UV lights can considerably decrease health hazards in an indoor environment. However, strategic installation is essential to improving these overall health benefits; thus, we encourage you to employ Middletown Heating & Cooling for your UV technology installation needs.

What Does UV Light Maintenance Entail?

To maximize effectiveness and efficiency, UV lights demand stricter replacement and maintenance requirements than any ole standard light bulb. While a UV lamp will still produce light for as long as your typical fluorescent bulb, its germicidal potency declines after about a year. Annual replacements are therefore highly recommended, especially for lamps installed in airflow ducts. Those seated at the evaporator coil are often effective for up to two years. For further maintenance tips, lights should be kept free of dust and wiped down at least every six months. In addition, do try to refrain from touching UV lamp surfaces as natural oils in our fingerprints weaken UV output and can cause uneven heating. Furthermore, direct exposure to UV-C is risky, mainly to the skin and eyes. Eye damage can be substantial and even permanent, which is another reason we insist on leaving any UV handling and installation needs to a qualified technician.

The idea of bacteria and mold thriving within someone’s household HVAC system and circulating the home gives me the heebie-jeebies. Not only is UV light beneficial to anyone who wants a cleaner home atmosphere, but it can be life-altering to anyone suffering from breathing conditions such as asthma or C.O.P.D. UV lights can be cost-effective and easy to maintain, but to effectively reap the benefits of UV lights, call Middletown Heating & Cooling today at (513) 268-3789, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! Let’s level up your IAQ game by moving away from poor indoor air quality toward a healthier and more pristine household environment for all living within, with no looking back!