Superior Air Conditioner Maintenance Services in Middletown, OH

When it’s hot out and humid, our A/C units do an amazing good job at taking care of us. Season after season our AC’s give us indoor comfort and cool relief from the heat so we can rest and relax. Middletown Heating & Cooling is committed to keeping this equipment in good condition and running smoothly for years to come. Our AC maintenance service ensures your central air system runs effectively, performing efficiently and continues consistently for years to come without surprising AC problems or AC breakdowns.

Taking care of a residential AC system requires seasonal maintenance every year and having it performed by an NATE-certified professional who knows what they’re doing and doesn’t cut corners. Overall, having one of our local AC experts perform seasonal maintenance is something that always pays off in the long run with savings in cooling costs, repairs and longer lasting equipment.

Why Choose Us for A/C Maintenance in Middletown, OH?

At Middletown Heating & Cooling, our A/C tune up and seasonal maintenance service is designed to give you the most bang for your buck on your home cooling system investment. These are intricate machines and complex systems that require regular attention and care. They cost a lot of money to replace and failing to have this service performed by an AC expert will invalidate your warranty provided by your AC manufacturer.

We’re the Air Conditioning Maintenance Experts in Middletown, OH!

We’re always available (24 hours a day, 365 days a year including weekends and holidays) to come out to your home in the event of a cooling system breakdown and perform emergency repairs to get your system back up and running and pumping out cool air. However, to avoid situations like these, we recommend taking advantage of our seasonal maintenance programs to have maintenance performed regularly. 

Cooling Services

During an A/C Tune-Up, we perform the following:

  • Measure and adjust airflow for correct balance
  • Clean and inspect evaporator and condenser coils
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Inspect, clean and lubricate moving parts
  • Measuring air temperature and air volume output from the system
  • Check for correct thermostat operation
  • Clean and tighten electrical connections
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4 Benefits of A/C Maintenance

As spring turns to summer, many of us in the Greater Cincinnati area have started to use our air conditioning systems more frequently. Whether your HVAC unit is new or a ‘classic’ that has offered reliable service for many years, it makes sense to have it inspected and maintained regularly.

  • Offers Greater Energy Efficiency

    Part of the maintenance process includes inspecting and cleaning blades, cooling coils, and other essential parts. Cleaner coils can provide cooler temperatures with greater energy savings than coils that do not receive maintenance on at least an annual basis. Lower your bills and stay cooler as temperatures rise.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

    Regular AC servicing helps the filters keep doing their job of removing bacteria and odors from the air in your home. You’ll notice the improved quality of air throughout your home. Learn about more Indoor Air Quality solutions from Middletown Heating & Cooling.

  • Longer lifecycle

    Like anything else with a motor, regular maintenance and service from a professional is important for your A/C or heat pump to keep it running as well as possible for as long as possible.

  • Keeps Warranty Valid

    When you get a new heat pump installed, the manufacturers will mandate you to get regular maintenance performed by a certified professional to keep their warranties valid. If a customer fails to do so and skimps out on service for even a single season, the warranty becomes worthless. Then, if something happens, the customer is stuck paying for the repairs or replacements out of their own pocket.

Air Conditioner Maintenance FAQ

Is it necessary to service my AC every year?

Servicing the AC every year is the best way to stay ahead of any problems or major repairs. A malfunctioning system in hot temperatures is not only uncomfortable but it is also unsafe. An annual tune up by a professional & licensed hvac contractor ensures your system is clean & is operating both efficiently & safely.

Should I cover the outdoor unit of my system during the fall and winter?

When covering the AC, it is important to do it with a breathable cover. All we are really looking to protect is the fan and the blades from ice and snow buildup.

How do I clean my air conditioner filter?

Depending on the type of air filter you currently have, you may need to change it every month or 3 months – some filters only require a clean/replacement every 6 months. The best way to find out the method to clean your air conditioner is to contact a professional HVAC contractor so they can perform a thorough cleaning & properly maintain your air conditioner.

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