Gas furnaces these days are common; with that being said, some myths come up every year regarding your furnaces. For that reason, homeowners may be rushing to buy a new furnace or get their furnace repaired because of something they’ve heard previously. To help with the spreading of misinformation, our experts at Middletown Heating & Cooling figured that it would be helpful to provide some truth about myths that go around each year. 

Myth 1: Gas Furnace Is the Most Expensive Heating System

Yes, gas furnaces are more expensive than other heating systems, such as an electric furnace; however, this only applies to the installation stage. It’s not the most expensive option for heating power, especially when coupled with the lower cost of natural gas. If you have natural gas lines running to your home, that means you can install a gas furnace within your home. 

Myth 2: Gas Furnaces Will Dry Out Your Air

Indeed, hydronic heating systems like boilers or other “wet heat” systems utilize water to create heat; however, a gas furnace won’t dry out the air in your home. It doesn’t matter whichever way gas furnaces function, the moisture level inside your home will remain the same. Contrary to popular belief, “wet heat” systems don’t increase the moisture in your home’s air, and gas furnaces won’t reduce it. The only thing that will change in your home’s air will be the temperature.

Myth 3: Furnace Maintenance Is Optional

You must know that, like everything else, gas furnaces require maintenance if you want them to run in good working condition. Therefore, you will want a professional to do an annual maintenance check. Doing so will ensure your unit runs and functions for as long as possible. 

Myth 4: Cranking Up the Thermostat Will Heat Your Home Faster

It’s easy to believe that a gas furnace makes the house warm when increasing its temperature. But this is an inefficient tactic that only brings wasted energy. First, you should know that your thermostat will only impact how long the furnace burns. It cannot change its intensity, and you will not get any additional, quick-fix comfort. The best tactic is only to set and keep your thermostat at a moderate level. 

Sometimes when you hear something more than once, it’s easier to believe it to be true. However, this is not always the case. Education is key to many things in life. 

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