As we enter the month of January, embracing the fresh canvas of a new year brimming with possibilities, it is likely that you have established New Year’s resolutions to enhance different facets of your life—be it financial, academic, fitness, or personal objectives. This enduring tradition, with its origins traced back to the ancient Babylonians, was initially intended to honor their king and herald a prosperous farming season. 

So, what does this all have to do with your HVAC system? It’s simple! As your dedicated local professionals at Middletown Heating & Cooling, we want to make sure you include your HVAC system in your resolutions as well. As a homeowner, what better way is there to maintain your home than to strive to enhance your HVAC habits? 

This can be accomplished by embracing eight essential steps to optimize your HVAC habits and ensure a hassle-free year ahead: 

Resolution 1 – What About Your Seasonal Maintenance Checks?   

It is crucial to adhere to the mantra of conducting seasonal maintenance checks. Even when everything appears to be in order, resist the temptation to forgo these seasonal checks. They serve as a proactive approach to preventive care, allowing you to address minor issues before they escalate. Neglecting maintenance checks not only poses risks of long-term damage but also nullifies your manufacturer’s warranty. Therefore, you should make a commitment to stay ahead by scheduling seasonal checks for your AC in spring and your furnace before its fall debut. 

Resolution 2 – What About Your Air Filters? 

Make a commitment to a simple yet impactful routine by regularly changing your air filters every 1-2 months. Dirty filters put a strain on your system, leading to higher energy consumption and increased costs. By adhering to industry standards of changing them out, this straightforward HVAC resolution helps ensure optimal efficiency of your HVAC unit year-round. 

Resolution 3 – What About Your HVAC Vents?  

Dusty vents can have a negative impact on air quality and HVAC efficiency. Therefore, it is recommended to include HVAC vent cleaning as part of your regular cleaning routine. This simple action contributes to a healthier living environment by enhancing overall air quality. 

Resolution 4 – What About Your Thermostat?   

If you haven’t already, embrace the future and upgrade to a smart thermostat. Gain remote control over your home’s temperature, save energy, and sync settings with your weekly schedule. The convenience and energy efficiency of smart thermostats makes them a valuable investment. So, start your year off right by exploring cost-effective options. Feel free to contact us for further information! 

Resolution 5 – What About Your Attic Insulation? 

Next, you can address temperature fluctuations and reduce strain on your HVAC system by assessing your attic insulation. It is advised to have a minimum of ten inches of insulation. If your current insulation does not meet this requirement, it is worth considering an upgrade to enhance energy efficiency and ensure a well-regulated home environment. 

Resolution 6 – What About Your Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures?   

Just like your HVAC vents, dusty ceiling fans and light fixtures can have a detrimental impact on the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home. Mitigate this by including them in your regular cleaning routine. Remember, consistent cleaning helps prevent these elements from compromising the IAQ and imposing extra strain on your HVAC system.   

Resolution 7 – What About Your Condenser? 

It is important to regularly inspect and remove any debris around your condenser, even during the winter months when the AC is not in use. This precautionary measure helps to safeguard the longevity of your unit by ensuring that no outdoor objects, such as branches or sticks, have fallen onto or around the equipment. By performing a quick check every now and then, you can prevent unnecessary HVAC issues and potential damage to the condenser. 

Resolution 8 – What About Your Ductwork? 

Over time, the ductwork in your home will naturally accumulate dust, loose debris, and other small airborne particles. It is important to note that dirty or clogged ducts can impact the efficiency of your HVAC system and the quality of indoor air. Since ducts play a crucial role in distributing air throughout your living space, ensuring they are clean is of utmost importance for a healthier environment. So, how frequently should you have your ducts cleaned? A general guideline is every three to five years. If you cannot recall the last time your ducts were professionally cleaned, it may be an opportune time to schedule this service for the coming year.

By incorporating these eight HVAC resolutions into your annual plan, you lay the foundation for a healthier and more efficient HVAC system. It is important to note that consistent adherence to good practices and positive HVAC habits will help in preventing any potential issues, ensuring a seamless and hopefully trouble-free year for you and your family. 

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