When it comes to household duties and projects, do you like to get things done yourself? Middletown Heating & Cooling knows that being a homeowner involves juggling many things. Upkeep, preventative maintenance, repairs – everything needs to be kept running smoothly and functioning properly. However, we believe that it is important for our customers to understand the dangers and risks involved in DIY HVAC repair and maintenance.

Does Your Warranty Stay Active When Doing Your Own Repairs?

It’s crucial that you know when you decide to take on HVAC repairs yourself, it automatically voids your HVAC system’s warranty. Most manufacturers have this stated in their policy, so if you are considering still performing an HVAC repair on your own, we encourage all homeowners to read the fine print on your warranty. 

What Risks are Involved with DIY Repairs?

Your HVAC system is comprised of electrical wires, harmful refrigerant chemicals, and highly flammable substances. Unless you are a licensed HVAC professional, working with complex machinery involving these components can prove disastrous to you, your family, and your home. Although it can be tempting to try and save a buck or two and do it yourself, performing HVAC repairs by yourself is not worth the risks involved. At Middletown Heating & Cooling, all our technicians are NATE-certified. Your safety is our top priority! We pay attention to details and handle everything with the utmost care.

What Preventative Maintenance Can You Do?

Are you an avid DIYer who just enjoys tackling a project head-on? Don’t worry. There are still a few things you can do for your HVAC system to help with preventative maintenance, etc.

  • Install or Add Insulation if you need more layers– Insulation aims to contain the air within your home and keep it from escaping. For this reason, your attic and crawl spaces must have the proper amount of Insulation. Industry professionals say your home’s Insulation should be 10-14 inches thick. So, if you suspect your home could use some more insulation, this may be the project for you!
  • Change Your Air Filters every 30-60 days– The best way to practice preventative maintenance. Your air filters should be changed every 30-60 days. A clogged air filter can cause issues for your HVAC system. In addition, a clogged air filter will also negatively affect your home’s indoor air quality. Stay two steps ahead regarding these issues by keeping the filter changed as recommended. 
  • Clean Your Condenser– Your outdoor unit, known as the condenser, can quickly get dirty with pollen, leaves, and other airborne particles. Therefore, it’s essential the condenser stays clean and free of any debris. In addition, the surrounding area should be kept clear of any weeds, plant growth, or any other items that can cause an obstruction. 

We’d love to answer any questions you may have concerning your HVAC system. If you suspect something is going wrong with your HVAC system or if you need a repair, your Middletown Heating & Cooling experts would be ecstatic to provide you with our five-star customer service. You can call us anytime at (513) 268-3789 or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here